Longrain Melbourne, with ‘strings’ attached …

This will be a short post as the experience wasn’t a pleasant one but just to share with you.

My colleague organized a luncheon at Longrain Melbourne, to welcome a new staff  to our group. This place is known for its fine Thai-Chinese food. We ordered the Banquet Menu (Lunch Option 2, $60 per person):

  • Betel leaf topped with prawn peanut mint & chilli paste
  • Freshly shucked oysters with red chilli lime juice & coriander
  • Eggnet with pork prawns peanuts & sweet vinegar
  • Sher wagyu beef stir fried with snake beans chilli jam & deep fried schalots
  • Green curry of kingfish with baby corn thai basil & coconut cream
  • Caramelized pork hock with chili vinegar & deep fried schalots
  • Stir fried Asian greens
  • Rice
  • Coconut Sorbet

The ‘freshly‘ shucked oysters with red chilli lime juice and coriander came first. I ate two of them and my colleague had three. All of a sudden, my colleague shouted – she found a  worm on her plate, and it was alive and was wiggling around! I may have eaten some worms  without realizing (!!!) it as the worm was tiny, flat and easily camouflaged with the fried shallots sprinkled on the oysters. My colleague was extremely worry if she had eaten some life worms and was really disgusted by the thought of it.

The manager came by and explained that its ‘normal’ to find worms with these oysters as it was freshly shipped in. The manager didn’t sound apologetic at all and on the  blunt side – very unprofessional;  and he made the situation looked as if its a common thing. On the flip-side, (I’ll let you be the judge) my poor colleague’s  food and drink charges were taken off the bill (how about those like me who ate some of the oysters?).

I didn’t managed to get a shot of the worm – believe it or not; but I had a shot of the receipt showing free meal for my colleague. (There were 15 of us but only 14 were charged.)

After the ‘appetizing‘ starter, I had no further comments on the rest of the Banquet Menu. Next time if you visit Longrain Melbourne and plan to order oysters, do expect to have some ‘strings‘ attached!

Longraine Melbourne
44 Little Bourke Street,
Melbourne, 3000 Victoria,

Recent Award: One Chef’s Hat – The Age Good Food Guide 2011

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