My Restaurant & Take Away – South Indian, Malaysian & Singaporean Cuisine

When it is close to dinner time, I’m always cracking my ‘brains’ out on where to eat. This weekend seemed different because all  the suggestions came from Ms. L., very unlike her! Home food or Malaysian food was the theme this weekend. Ms. L. suggested a Indian Malaysian restaurant called My Restaurant (My for Malaysian?).

My Restaurant and Take Away offers halal South Indian, Malaysian and Singapore cuisine. When we see the words South Indian and Malaysian together, the word ‘Mamak’ clicked. This really reminded us of our regular supper at the roadside ‘Mamak’ stalls back in Malaysia.

The restaurant has similarities to the typical Malaysian ‘Mamak’ setup but it is MUCH cleaner here. Just by browsing through the menu, you will feel like you’re in a Malaysian restaurant, except that they have written the names of the dishes the other way round. For example, what we called ‘Roti Pisang‘ (Bread-Banana, direct translation) in Malaysia was called ‘Pisang Roti‘ here.

We ordered the Roti Meal ($9.9) which included 2 Roties with 3 curries and Raita (yoghurt dip). For the curries, we had the goat korma, chicken curry and dhal. I sneaked close to the kitchen and asked permission to photograph the chef making the Roti – very Malaysian! The Roti tasted like they had them FedEx’d over from Malaysia (good one!), but we like it crispier (need to remember this special request when we return). The goat  korma was very tasty and the spiciness level was just right, not modified to suit the Aussies! I think we have not had goat meat in Melbourne – its always lamb in the North Indian restaurants. The chicken curry was great too (to be honest the goat korma was so good I kinda forgotten how the chicken tasted).

We also ordered Ms. L.’s all time favorite – Paper Dosai ($5.9). The Dosai  came with 3 sauces at the side – sambhar, chutney (coconut and spices) and podi (chilli mixture with oil). Paper Dosai tasted authentic – paper-like crispy and yummy with the sauces.  I usually have the Dosai with ‘sambal’ (chili sauce, spicy). The podi is new to me and it did went well with the Dosai. Ms. L. mentioned that she had seen her cousins having podi with their home-made Dosai back in Malaysia. Being served podi with Dosai here further authenticated the standard of the food in My Restaurant.

The dishes we ordered were so appetizing that we felt that there was still room for another order. We ordered the Lamb Biryani ($9.9). Typically, this dish is made up of  rice baked with lamb curry. The rice will  absorb all the good flavors and aromatic spices from the lamb curry. This dish did not taste Malaysian. The rice was soggy although the lamb was good. They must have had the rice cooked and baked with curry separately, then added in the meat when we placed our order.

We will return here for the Roti and Dosai. I look forward to the various Rotis – ‘Roti Bawang‘ (Onion Roti), ‘Roti Telor‘ (Egg Roti) and ‘Roti Pisang‘. Also, the curries here was fantastic – perfect spice level! Not sure about the Biryani though. When we were about to leave, we saw someone having ‘Teh Tarik‘ (Pull-Tea with Condensed Milk). Man, forgot to order this! Please take note Ms. L.!

(At the time this was posted, I have browsed their website but it was not visible!)

My Restaurant & Take Away – South Indian, Malaysian & Singaporean Cuisine
186 High Street,
Windsor, 3181 Victoria,
Open for Lunch – Sunday-Thursday (12pm-2.30pm), Dinner – 7 days (5.30pm-11.30pm)

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