Thành Dat – Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

According to my colleagues, the suburb – Springvale, which is not far from our place, offers good Chinese-Vietnamese food as well as lots of Asian grocers. We had been to a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant in Springvale (by accident … I meant unplanned) and this second time is also by accident.!

Ms. L. suggested that we return to the Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant we stumbled upon the first time. We vaguely remembered the name of the restaurant but we knew it sounded like ‘Thành Dat’. Through our buddy GPS, Thành Dat came up and off we go.

We roughly knew where the previous restaurant was located but due to the ongoing construction, it was difficult to access that particular street. We saw this corner Thành Dat a couple of times while searching for parking and decided to give it a go. Also, this was the Thành Dat that our Buddy was directing.

It was around noon when we entered the restaurant, not full though. Service was good and the restaurant was child-friendly with Ikea baby chairs, but Lil’ M. has upgraded herself to the ‘normal’ chair!

The menu is typical of Chinese-Vietnamese style, plenty of choices and prices were reasonable. Both of us ordered Phò, one of the reason besides overwhelmed by choices is that we needed to find good Phò nearer home. Ms. L. ordered Beef Brisket and mine, Beef Brisket, Tripe and Tendon ($8 each). We also ordered mixed pork and prawn spring rolls ($7 for 8 pieces).

Our order arrived timely. When we started to eat, the restaurant was full and there was a couple of customers queuing for table. Back to the food, the Phò soup or broth was good, comparable to our previous Phò(s). Although the beef tasted fresh and tender, (some slices still rare – and cooking through the hot broth), the standard of the meat is ranked lowest in comparison with our previous Phò(s).  The spring rolls were disappointing – we could hardly taste the pork-prawn fillings and the crust was on the thick side with too much vermicelli – but our Lil’ M. was enjoying it – down three of them!

In summary, the food we ordered is ‘ok‘, nothing to shout about but service was good and prices were reasonable. There are many other items to order from the menu and looking at neighboring tables, we could see a variety of appetizing dishes. For us, it is very unlikely to revisit this Thành Dat.

“The standard of a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant is judged by its Phò.” – Ms. L.

Thành Dat – Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant
(Eat In, Takeaway, BYO)
Open Friday-Saturday (9am-9.30pm),
Sunday-Thursday (9am-9pm)
22 Corner Buckingham & Windsor Avenues,
Springvale, 3171 Victoria,

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