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B.B.Q. King was recommended by my sister who happened to ‘fly-by’ Sydney on Good Friday. She told us that the roast pork and duck at B.B.Q. King was the best in Chinatown, Sydney, but the price was above average.

The restaurant has the typical Chinese look (compare with Rock Kung) where the exterior was bordered with glass panels to show-off their roast meats. I recognized B.B.Q. King when they were featured on television (a month after this trip), in one of the MasterChef Australia Season 3 episodes where abundant of ducks can be seen hanging through the glass. We arrived late that evening after a long day touring Sydney and not many ducks were seen – another g’day for the King!

We were promptly seated near the cashier, by the glass panels (street view) and were provided with menus to work on. We roughly knew what to order this time and the whole process was surprisingly quicker than usual.

Soon after ordering, a soup (Free-of-Charge) came, with compliments from the King. It was a typical Chinese pork bone soup, home-made style. It was tasty to the point that Ms. L. was starring at me trying to nibble off some meat from the bone. I must be missing home-cooked soup!

The dish that both of us were looking forward to arrived shortly. It was the Roast Pork and Duck ($34.8) dish. The glossy roast duck was very soft and flavorful but not the best. If you have read my Rock Kung experience, we were still being served boney parts! I’ve eaten some really good roast duck in Melbourne recently and will post it soon. The roast pork, however, was the best. As a ‘well-known’ pork connoisseur (me), this reminded me of the famous roast pork at a corner restaurant Off Jalan Pudu in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The crackling was very crispy and the meat was so soft and moist that it felt like it just melted away! This dish was served with some (red) cut chillies in soy sauce, different from the chilly sauce served in Malaysia.

We wanted to have a noodle dish rather than the typical white rice to accompany our roast dish. We ordered the Singapore Fried Noodle ($17.8). This noodle dish was fantastic. It is not the typical Singapore Fried Noodle we were used to in Malaysia as it was stir fried with curry paste – yummy!

The overall eating experience at B.B.Q. King was great and I know you have already guessed which dish was the memorable one. I agree with my sister on the pricey menu but trust me, you will not remember the price after tasting the roast pork!

B.B.Q. King Restaurant
18-20 Goulburn Street
2000 NSW
Sydney, Australia
61-2-9267-2586  / 61-2-9267-2433

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