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It was drizzling the whole morning on our second day in Sydney but that didn’t stop us from visiting bills at Darlinghurst. I didn’t know much about the restaurateur, Bill Granger, a self-taught cook, till we were in Sydney where we see his relationship with Billy Kwong as well as Bill’s other branch at Surry Hills. Recently, I was glued to his television show, Bill’s Tasty Weekend, documenting his foodie road trips around Britain. Ms. L. have read about his restaurants which were heavily recommended on the Net.

We reached the restaurant about 9.30 am and it was full. We had to wait outside (in the rain) for a table. I remembered waiting for more than half and hour before we were seated.

We both ordered Flat Whites ($3.4 each) while Lil’ M. insisted on her Babyccino ($0.5), that came with a ‘happy face’.

I ordered the bills classicsCorn Fritters with Roast Tomato, Spinach and Bacon ($18.5). We also took the Avocado Salsa ($4.5) which was recommended by our waiter and also highly raved on the Net. The corn fritters were comparable to the ones we had at Mart 130 in Melbourne, but the portions were really small! I guessed we were paying to eat at bills . However, we didn’t see what was so great about the avocado salsa. In our opinion, the avocado salsa did not go well at all with the corn fritters. At Mart 130, the tomato relish and sour cream accompaniments made a huge impact on the corn fritters – a winning combination and to us, the best corn fritters so far!

We ordered the Scrambled Organic Eggs with Sourdough Toast ($10.5) from the Kid’s Menu for Lil’ M.. The scramble eggs was the highlight of the morning. It has a creamy texture and was delicious.

The other dish that was highly recommended on the Net was the Ricotta Hotcakes with Fresh Banana and Honeycomb Butter ($17.5). The hotcakes were good but we found that the portions were too little for its price (may be influenced by the price of bananas?).

Overall, the breakfast at bills was mediocre. The orders we had were highly recommended by those who’d been to bills. We could even see our neighboring tables having the same dishes! The only item that was memorable to us was Lil’ M.’s scramble eggs. For Lil’ M., she could certainly remember the ‘happy face’ and started to request for it …

433 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, 2010 NSW
Sydney, Australia

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