Tough Nut, Australian Chestnuts

I’ve eaten chestnuts in Malaysia where chestnuts were roasted in coffee beans and sugar. Here in Australia, its the start of chestnut season and I’m starting to see outcrops of stalls selling raw chestnuts. We bought a bunch ($10 per kg, Mulgrave Farmers Market) in one of the farmers market we frequent. The seller explained how to roast the chestnuts and also provided some information on Australian chestnuts that include  chestnut recipes, how to prepare, cook, peel and store chestnuts and nutritional facts. These information could also be found at The Chestnut Growers of Australia website.

We tried to roast the chestnuts in the oven but couldn’t reproduce what we’ve seen and tasted at the market! The outer and inner skin is always sticking to the flesh – may need to roast it on a pan and get it to burn a little …

raw australian chestnuts


originally chestnuts … spiky and very sharp!
seller’s way of roasting by open fire …

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