Going Bananas … Going, Going, Gone (?) …

Bananas in Melbourne …

This was my favorite fruit.

Last year, I eat banana everyday for breakfast and recalled the prices were around $1.99 to $2.99 per kg.

Early this year, major banana plantations in Queensland were wiped out by Cyclone Yasi. The cost of bananas had soared since and I hardly remember seeing them on our fruit basket.

I took the photo below at an IGA in Sydney – can’t believe its around $14 per kg now!  Recently, a colleague of mine was flashing his banana, bought at $3.4 each (!) – learned another way to show-off your status!

Anyway, do leave me a note below if you know of a place that sells affordable bananas … I’m reconsidering …

(^) April 22, 2011: IGA in Sydney.

(^) May 7, 2011: At a Kiosk Station, on the way to Geelong.

(^) May 13, 2011: Spotted a Coles’s delivery truck . (Hand-phone quality photos, taken from driver’s side.)


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