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Our favorite hawker food is curry koay teow. Koay Teow is Chinese for flat rice noodle. Often times, this hawker food is called curry laksa or curry mee. Basically it is a coconut based curry soup with flat rice noodle. Other types of noodle besides Koay Teow that goes with the curry soup are Mee Hoon (thin rice vermicelli) and Mee (egg noodle). We used to frequent this coffee shop in Malaysia (Dengkil, Selangor) every Sunday for curry koay teow. The ‘last’ curry koay teow we had at our regular place was during the last couple of weekends before arriving in Melbourne, Australia; thinking that we will never find a curry koay teow that suits our Malaysian taste buds. We were wrong.

Laksa King was recommended to me by one of  my colleagues. The first time we tried Laksa King was at the Highpoint Shopping Centre’s Food Court at Maribyrnong. We ordered the Beef Curry Laksa. We find that the curry soup was very rich with coconut milk but the beef was very tender. The portion was huge and it was a good curry Koay Teow overall. We then pronounced Laksa King – our replacement for curry Koay Teow in Melbourne.

The second time and recently, after returning from our Easter Holidays at Sydney, we craved for curry Koay Teow and drove straight to Laksa King after our arrival at Melbourne Airport. I ordered two of the Combination curry laksa ($9.2) – mixed noodle with shrimps, fishcake and chicken. There was some additional request. I requested for beef instead of chicken and as usual, no bean shoot (tauge) for Ms. L.. Unfortunately, I forgot to specify flat noodles. The curries came with mixed Mee and Mee Hoon. What a mistake! Ms. L. wasn’t happy at all – lesson learned. Anyways, the curry soup was good and I found that it has less coconut milk compared to my previous visit. Also, always loved the big piece of egg plant in the middle.

We ordered Chendol ($5.2) for desert. Chendol is a common Malaysian desert comprises jelly-formed stringers, red beans, palm sugar and shaved ice. This desert looked authentic, similar to our Penang Road’s Teochew Chendol at Penang, Malaysia; but the taste wasn’t. We found that its palm sugar wasn’t up to standard.

In our next visit to Laksa King, I will make sure that I get the orders correct! In my opinion (at the time this was posted), the Curry Laksa at Laksa King is the best Curry Laksa in Melbourne (lived up to its name) but the location of the restaurant doesn’t encourage a weekly affair like the Curry Laksa we frequent at China Bar. Also, we will need to try Laksa King’s other signature Malaysian Chinese dishes. Stay tuned …

Laksa King
6-12 Pin Oak Crescent,
Flemington, 3031 Victoria,

Laksa King on Urbanspoon


Laksa King at Highpoint Food Court
Highpoint Shopping Centre,
120-200 Rosamond Road, Maribyrnong.

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