Mille Vini, c. 1849 – Wine Bar, Italian

Mille Vini, an Italian restaurant, is located a couple of blocks away from Billy Kwong. We stopped by here to have a drink while waiting for Billy Kwong to open. There were plenty of restaurants along Crown Street but I was attracted to Mille Vini’s exterior setup. We took a seat outside to take advantage of the cool weather. The staff here was great. We were looking for a place to change Lil’ M.’s diaper and one of the staff offered a table upstairs for this operation. The staff even offered to carry Lil’ M. (who is very sociable) upstairs.

Ms. L. ordered a (^) Cappuccino ($3.5) which was a perfect match to the weather condition but she was too worried about the entrance to Billy Kwong!

I was drawn to Mille Vini’s Birre (Beer in Italian) section and ordered the lager beer, Ichnusa ($8). The iced-cold beer was good and had a strong malty-taste. Lil’ M. ‘requested’ for her regular – Babyccino ($1) and was working on it before I had the chance to take my shot. We (actually it was Lil’ M.) were offered some Italian (I guessed) biscuits (Free-of-charge) by the staff who carried Lil’ M.. This was a sign that the operation upstairs was successful! Good job Lil’ M..

We didn’t have the opportunity to try Mille Vini’s food but it looked great just from the menu itself. If you are waiting to enter Billy Kwong, this is a perfect place.

Mille Vini
397 Crown Street
Surry Hills, 2010 NSW
Sydney, Australia


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