Rock Kung Chinese Restaurant

We brought our visitors out for a nice Chinese dinner at Rock Kung, located at Glen Waverly. Glen Waverly is a very ‘Malaysian’ place and it is always our favorite go-to suburb for dinner. Actually, we almost ended up staying here during our home search last year!

There are many Chinese restaurants along Kings Way, Glen Waverly; and a very common setup I’ve noticed was the hanging of roasts – chicken, duck and pork, through the glass windows. At Rock Kung, you’d still be able to see the hanging roasts but its through a rounded glass held by prehistoric looking brick walls. The interior is simple and its always fully booked. We did our homework and made reservation. I remembered the first time we wanted to eat here, we walked in and couldn’t get a table – no surprise as it was during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I’m quite sure that the waiters and waitresses here are ‘Hongkies‘ -somewhat on the rude side is what you’ll get if you have lots of questions on the menu like us! We ordered the Chinese combination roast pork and duck ($22). The roast pork was fantastic. The skin was very crispy and the layers of meat beneath it melted easily – a must finishing for me, whenever I have roast pork! The roast duck was good too – very tender for the meaty pieces. Unfortunately, similar to other roast duck  dishes we’ve came across, we’ll surely be given some ‘boney‘-meatless pieces! I think this is just to make the portion look big! I might be specific when ordering roast duck in future – “boneless roast duck” please …

The next dish was the Sweet and Sour Fried Fish ($18.5). Usually, we would order this dish-style with pork or with whole deep fried fish. In Melbourne (or Australia), you rarely find restaurants that serve whole fish, usually fish fillets – Aussie-‘fied‘! One of our visitors preferred fish and this dish was specially ordered for her. This dish tasted good and the fish fillets were fresh – I did asked about the type of fish – if memory served me right, it was barramundi cod.

We’ve been to Rock Kung late last year and have tried their signature dish – Mud Crab with Noodle. As the mood to battle the crab wasn’t there, we tried to order it without the mudc crab – and was ‘told off‘ (‘Hongkie’ style) by the waiter that the noodle will be tasteless without the crab. Not giving-up to have one of their noodle dishes, we went for their Combination Special Noodle – Seafood ($15.5). The noodle came with some vegetables, prawns and squids … not too bad.

As there were five of us, we were able to try a couple more dishes. We ordered the Bean Curd, Mushroom and Vegetable ($16.5) dish which turned out well – very much like home-cooked dish. Bean Curd tasted like hand-made ones and the mushrooms were big and juicy. The last dish ordered was Rock Kung’s Special Fried Rice ($8) as we reckoned that we need an additional dish that goes with the rest and to balanced out the noodle. The rice was just ‘ok’.

Overall, it was a nice Chinese dinner as planned and our visitors were full and happy. We will surely make a  return here for Rock Kung’s signature Mud Crab- Noodle dish again, with the mood to get our hands messy!

Rock Kung, Chinese Restaurant
101 Kings Way,
Glen Waverley, 3150 Victoria,
61-3- 9560-9032
Licensed & BYO (Wine Only)
Open 7 Days  for Lunch, Dinner & Supper, Take Away (11:30am~2:00am next day)

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