Bucky Bistro at Buxton Hotel

Bucky Bistro at Buxton Hotel was one of the restaurants recommended by staff at Marysville Visitor Information Centre. It was hard to miss this restaurant as it was located at the corner of the highway and its signage was huge and brightly lighted! We reached the bistro before 6pm and Lil’ M was still fast asleep. She must be really exhausted from the excitements of meeting Mr. Snowman and tobogganing at Lake Mountain. I suggested a ‘drink’ (err … a ‘real’ drink) and a chat (?) first before dinner – the ‘Aussie‘ way …

Ms. L. went  for an Italian sparkling wine, Asti Riccadonna Piccolo (200ml, $7.5), and a good iced Crown Lager Draft (schooner – 425ml, $4) for me.

We planned our orders first and executed them soon after Lil’ M. woke up. We ordered the Lasagne with vegetables ($8) from the Just for Kids (12 years & under) menu for Lil’ M.. The size of the Lasagne seemed huge for a kid and the taste was not too bad.

Ms. L. and I weren’t that hungry and were indecisive initially on what mains to order. There were many choices and we ended up sharing a Mixed Grill – Steak, Sausage, Lamb Chop, Bacon, Onion, Egg and Chips ($22.5). This dish was average for us. The sausages were good but the rest of the meat had inconsistent doneness.

We knew we could fit a desert as we shared a main dish, so we ordered the Sunken Chocolate Pudding ($8, what a name (?)) that came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The Chocolate Pudding was served warm and was good but the bottom part of the pudding was burnt (see photo above).

Overall, welcome to bistro-pub food!

The food adventure at Marysville-Buxton area gets better. Do visit my trailing posts for the following day where we had lunch at Igloo Roadhouse- Home of the Buxton Burger and coffee break at Fraga’s Cafe Restaurant before making our way back to the city. (Also, the day before, we had a memorable dinner at Butters Cafe of Buxton.)

Bucky Bistro at Buxton Hotel
2190 Maroondah Highway,
Buxton, 3711 Victoria,
Open 7 days.


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