Caffe Vini Spuntini

Chadstone Shopping Centre is like our second home. This shopping centre is located just a couple of minutes from home and we come here every Friday evening for dinner. We often passed by Caffe Vini Spuntini, (located on the Lower Level) and all the tables are always filled. It was early evening and Ms. L. suggested we have dinner at this cafe. Initially, the ordering system was not obvious to us because we entered the cafe from the right side. We thought we have to wait to be seated. As we scaled through the counter, we could see a sign written on the left side of the counter saying “Please Order & Pay At Bar“. After we have ordered, paid and seated, I finally saw a big sentence on the top of the wall saying the same sentence “Please order + pay at the bar“. Man, there was just too many writings on the wall, tough to get it the first time, or we were just blind!

Ordering was straight forward as we took all three items from their special board. We were given three (cold) bread rolls and (cold) butter after paying for our orders. It was difficult to spread the (cold) butter on the (cold) bread rolls!

We ordered a soup, the Zuppa Di Ceci – chickpea and cherry tomato soup, served with a bread roll ($10.2) for Lil’ M.. Its kind of odd that we were given three bread rolls as only Lil’ M.’s soup came with a bread roll. This combination of chickpea and cherry tomato soup was unique and quite delicious. We all dug in as we knew Lil’ M. couldn’t finish it!

Ms. L. went for the Fussili Ragu – homemade pasta with a traditional bolognese sauce ($15). We find that this homemade pasta was very good and was perfectly cooked, a little bit chewy and not too soft. The sauce was great too.

I had the Gnocchi Pomodoro – homemade gnocchi in a napoli sauce ($15). I have never tasted gnocchi and always wanted to try them after watching many failures to make gnocchi on MasterChef (Season 3)! The gnocchi was very good with the light napoli sauce. Chewing and feeling through the texture of the gnocchi was a memorable experience for me.

I had to take a couple of shots of the homemade pasta and gnocchi on display …

... homemade pasta ...

... homemade gnocchi ...

The Italian food offered here is very good and authentic (we excused the bread rolls!) in addition to Caffe Vinni Spuntini‘s super service. This is a nice place to grab a meal after some ‘walking’ and shopping through the mall. We will definitely return here as Ms. L. had spotted some nice sandwiches at the bar …

Caffe Vini Spuntini
Lower Level, Chadstone Shopping Centre
1341 Dandenong Road
Malvern East, 3166 Victoria
Melbourne, Australia
Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday 9am – 5.30pm
Thursday-Friday 9am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm
Public Holidays 10am – 5pm


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