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Both Chinta Ria Soul and Chinta Blues offer 25% discount vouchers in the Greater Melbourne 2011 | 2012 Entertainment™ Book. We walked by Chinta Ria Soul when we visited Acland Street last month and planned to give it a try this weekend. Somehow, when I saw Chinta Blues in our Greater Melbourne 2011 | 2012 Entertainment™ Book, I typed in the address in our Garmin and reckoned that we’ll see both the restaurants along Acland Street. We couldn’t find Chinta Ria Soul (?) along Acland Street and went for Chinta Blues. (Now that I Google-d Map it I knew where both restaurants were located!)

It was a nightmare finding a ‘free’ parking space near Chinta Blues. Most of the street here are one way and it was difficult to re-enter Acland Street. We managed to find a space about 300m walking distance to Chinta Blues after more than 15minutes of driving.

The menu was very familiar to us – Malaysian dishes. We were attracted to Chinta Blues’s Aromatic Curries and ordered the Rendang Beef – Generous beef portions, slow-cooked in a traditional coconut curry – Mildly Spiced ($23.5). We also ordered two steamed rice to go with this dish and two small vegetable dishes. The Rendang was very good and the chunky pieces of beef were very tender. Although the Rendang was topped with an obvious layer of oil, that didn’t stop us from finishing it. We had some Rendang gravy left towards the end and ordered a Roti Chanai to ‘cleaned’ it up. It was that good! We enjoyed the Roti Chanai here as it was prepared to our likings – extra crispy!

We ordered two small dishes under the Vegetables and Tofu menu. The first was the Mixed Vegetables – Mushrooms, snow peas, baby corn and seasonal garden greens, stir fried to perfection ($8, small). This was a light and tasty dish.

The second vegetable dish ordered was the Sambal Belacan – Light Chilli Prawn Paste – Spinach ($7.8, small). Although the spiciness is not to my standard, it was quite authentic, close to what we have in Malaysia. I really liked the finely chopped, fried garlic and onions on the top.

The Malaysian Cuisine offered here was pretty authentic (minus the spiciness level) based on the dishes we have tasted. Although Chinta Blues is quite a distance away from home and parking is difficult, we know we have a go-to restaurant if we were craving for Rendang and Roti Chanai.

As I was posting this, I found out that we were given another table’s bill and have paid for it. I think we have paid about $7 more than our actual bill (discount included). Lesson learned – check your bills before paying!

Chinta Blues
6, Acland Street,
St. Kilda, 3182 Victoria,


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