Behold, the Duchess of Spotswood

Have you heard of the recent rave reviews about the Duchess? No, not The Duchess of Cambridge, I’m referring to the Duchess of Spotswood.

It was one of the rare weekends during late winter where we had an all day sunny (15-16degC) weather. We were on our way to the Werribee Open Range Zoo (southeast of Melbourne) and made a pit-stop at the Dutchess of Spotswood for brunch. This place does not take any bookings and not surprisingly, was fully occupied when we arrived. We waited for more than 20 minutes before a table for three was available.

As usual, we had our regular dosage of caffeine and of course, babyccino for Lil’ M..

We were very impressed with the Duchess of Spotswood. The menu presented boast a unique variety of British influenced dishes. Every item on the menu was interesting but we could only choose two. I had the Duchess of Pork – crispy pig jowl with fried eggs, rich truffle sauce and sour dough toast ($18.5). At first look, it was simple and the pork reminded me of a typical luncheon meat. Once tasted, this simple looking dish turned out to be a winner. The piece of pig jowl (or pork cheek) had crispy outer layer and juicy inner meat that went very well with the truffle sauce.

Ms. L. was very indecisive but finally surrendered to the Idle Tongues – seared ox tongue with smoked semolina, crispy pork neck and fried duck egg ($16.5). Another dish of the day for us. The unusual combination of meat here was fantastic in flavour and was a perfect match to the smoked semolina. The crispy pork neck in particular, tasted like streaky bacon (referring to U.S. version!), minus the fats! We can’t remember having any duck eggs before but it was huge but tasted similar to chicken egg!

In this relatively small suburb of Spotswood, within a few blocks of shops along Hudsons Road, it was amazing to find such a great place for a perfect brunch. The menu here was very interesting and the dishes ordered were excellent. It was quality over quantity as portions served was way less than our expectation. Albeit higher than average priced meal and a longer distance from home, we will definitely return here for the next great item on the menu!

Before we bid farewell to The Duchess, we took-away an Iced Ginger Cupcake ($3.5) for the journey into the wild …

Duchess of Spotswood
87 Hudsons Road.
Spotswood, 3015 Victoria,

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