The Legendary Chef

Where’s the best Curry Laksa in Melbourne?

We thought we found ‘The King‘ but as of this post, we were more inclined with the Legendary Chef.

It was hilarious to hear how my Aussie colleague pronounce Lagenda. No wonder the restaurant’s name didn’t click when she initially mentioned  to me!  Lagenda (pronounced: La-Gain-Da or La-Jane-Da) is a Malay word for Legend.

This was the first time I took a train for lunch. It was pretty convenient, from Flinder’s Street Station which is a stone throw away from office, to the New Market Station, located opposite Chef Lagenda. Surprisingly, Chef Lagenda is just next to Laksa King (can you spot Laksa King’s signage behind the parking pole?) and I didn’t even noticed this place during our previous and the recent trip here .

We ordered a few dishes to share. The first dish was the Malaysian Curry Chicken ($10.9). Somehow, a Rendang Beef Curry ($10.9) came but was soon replaced with the chicken curry. One of my colleague ‘accidentally’ tasted the rendang and said that it was quite good.

The chicken curry was fantastic. The gravy was full of flavour and the thickness was just right. The chicken was tender and portion was generous. We ordered two Plain Roti ($3.9 each) to accompany the curry chicken. I remembered my colleague had a special request for less oil here and ‘fortunately’, the roti arrived in its authentic way and was crispy as requested.

The second dish ordered was the Curry Fish Head Noodle – vermicelli noodle with fish head or fillet in laksa soup ($11.2). We had this dish with the fish head. My colleague again had a special request here but I was unable to catch what she said (?). It was not too bad but I could get the ‘fishiness’ of the fish head. The laksa soup was quite good though.

The final dish ordered was a Fried Koay Teow – fried rice noodle, shrimp, fishcake, chinese sausage and chilli  ($10.2). ‘Unfortunately’, my colleague ordered the fried noodle without chilli! (You’ve got to be kidding me! Who would do that to a Malaysian food?!) Otherwise it was one of the best Fried Koay Teow I’ve tried so far.

Overall, we all had a great Malaysian lunch and we’ll be back to try-out other items on Chef Lagenda‘s menu. We may have to leave my colleague behind to ‘avoid’ her special requests!

I actually jumped ahead of the gun at the beginning of this post by mentioning where, in my opinion, the best Curry Laksa in Melbourne resides. I have tasted Chef Lagenda‘s laksa soup and found that it was very tasty and comparable to the King’s and planned to bring the experts in for a ‘second’ opinion in my next visit

Chef Lagenda
16 Pin Oak Crescent,
Flemington, 3031 Victoria,


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