Diwali Fair 2011, Sandown Race Course

We arrived at the Diwali Fair 2011 held at the Sandown Race Course, Princes Highway, just after 11 am and found that the stalls were still being set-up. We decided to go to Bunning’s to pick up some herbs and returned later. There was an entry fee of $5 per person and re-enter is not permitted. It was really quiet around noon but was crowded late in the afternoon.

Performances started after 1 pm and was kind of weird that the front portion of the seats that was cordoned off (for VIPs?) was not filled (at that time). There also weren’t enough chairs at the back for the public.

We started lunch with a Chole Bhature ($7, Chole – chickpeas curry, Bhature – fried spongy bread). It was really tasty. I loved the texture of the bread and the spicy Chole which came with some pickled mango.

After watching some dance performances, we settled for a Mango Lassi ($5). There were a few stalls that offered lassi but we chose this stall as it was chilled (- if you know why …).

Next, we went for a Paneer and Vegetable Biryani ($8) served with pickle and pappadum. It was not too bad but some parts that were not mixed well had not much taste.

Lastly, we bought a vegetarian set – Vada (2 pieces) with sambar and chutney ($5). The Vada (or Vadai) was quite good and I was happy that the Vadai and sambar was served warm.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves especially with the vegetarian food offered at this fair.

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