Helen’s Hill Estate, The Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley wineries is a must destination whenever we have visitors. We could easily fit in three to four wineries in a day’s trip.

We had visitors this weekend and the Yarra Valley wineries topped our itinerary. During this day trip, we have been to Dominique Portet, Badger’s Brook Estate and RiverStone Estate Wines. The last Cellar Door visited was Helen’s Hill Estate.

As this was the fourth winery visited that day, we were ‘unable’ to ‘taste’ all the fine wines here. Albeit the ‘unfortunate situation’, we enjoyed tasting a couple of reds and chatting with the lady who greeted us. We put some of the basics learnt during Dan’s Masterclass to practice here!

The winery setup at Helen’s Hill Estate was very impressive.

I’ll be looking back at my previous photos and will start to track back the wineries we had visited. Stay tune for more …

Helen’s Hill Estate
16 IngramRoad,
Coldstream, 3770 Victoria,
(Details as pictured and can also be found at Helen’s Hill Estate website)

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