Malaysia Street Festival 2011, Queen Victoria Market

We had breakfast at CERES Café before making our way to Queen Victoria Market to experience the Malaysia Street Festival organized by Alive Group. At the time of arrival, the main performances were over and a fashion show was due next on stage. I noticed a website address printed on the banner on stage;; and tried to log-on to the site but the account was suspended? (on Oct 24, 2011).

We went around scouting the food stalls and observed that there was practically a ‘growing’ queue at every stall and some stalls have started clearing because they were sold-out! It felt like we were back in Malaysia for a moment, surrounded by multiracial people speaking Malaysian (-Lah) slang in addition to the smell of curries and smoked satay that filled the atmosphere. While walking around, I’m quite puzzled to see a Singaporean and an Indonesian food stall here (?).

One of the stall visited, Satay Club, was overwhelmed with orders – there was a 1-hour wait before we could collect our order!

Despite the authenticity of the satay (i.e. on charcoal), we gave it a pass as we couldn’t spare the hour!

We ended up at a fast moving stall – Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, and ordered an Ice Kacang ($5) and a Chicken Biryani ($5). The person selling the biryani was advertising goat biryani, that got me excited. After purchasing it, it definitely didn’t look or taste like goat meat. It was chicken and was quite tasty. The menu description was immediately changed after my interruption!

It was a good outing after all. I recently saw a posting of this event in a Malaysian newspaper site, on October 22, 2011.


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