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It has been awhile since the last we made use of our Entertainment™ Book. This weekend, it was heavily utilized. The day before, we had a great dinner at Wantilan Bali. This Sunday, we made a booking at Omah’s, a restaurant serving Malaysian Nyonya Cuisine. We actually tried this place the day before but it was fully booked!

Before wrestling with Omah’s signature crab dish, we started off with a Beef Noodles ($13.9) – Flat rice noodles wok-fried with tender beef, egg, ginger and spring onion. Both Ms. L. and I thought we ordered the beef noodle with egg, Cantonese style (Watan Hor) and we were totally out!

Fortunately, this noodle came in with flavours. The salt and ‘oil’ level was just right, and had to be eaten with Omah’s sambal, YUM!

The tools to work with the crab arrived after we finished the noodle.

We’ve read about Omah’s signature crabs – House Crab Dishes ($39.9 each). Omah serves fresh whole mud crab dishes with five choices of different sauces that originated from ‘Peranakan traditions and culture’. I’m not sure what that means as most of the ‘sauces’ are common with Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. We went straight to our favourite cooking-style, Salted Egg Crab (wok-fried in Straits Peranakan salted egg style). We asked about the size of the crab and was told that a crab dish consist one whole crab, about 800g. The Salted Egg Crab came in a reasonable size and was really good. Besides the well flavoured meat within, we spent most of the time nibbling off the tasty, crumby and crunchy mixture of salted eggs and condiments that sticks well to the shells. As the crab was fried well, some parts of the shell were so crunchy that we were able to chew it down!

It was obvious that one crab wasn’t enough for us, I meant the three of us. We were amazed at the patience and skill of our two year (+) old Lil’ M tackling the crab! We ordered another crab, the Black Pepper Crab (seasoned and wok fried in fragrant curry leaves, then spiced up with cracked black pepper). It was another good crab. Though the curry leaves fragrant was (too) subtle, the more we dug-in, the more the flavour of the sauce appreciates!

The service from our wait staffs were excellent. We were offered fresh plates for each crab and our used plates were only taken away upon our approvals. You’ll understand this if you enjoy every bit of the crab! In addition, one of the wait staff helped re-tied Ms. L.’s bib when it came off while she was enjoying the crab. Also, our table was quickly cleared and cleaned as we requested for the dessert menu.

We ordered the Pandan Sago ($6.5, a refreshing sago dessert served with coconut milk & palm sugar) to share for dessert. It was not too bad. We thought that the palm sugar was too little and the strawberry didn’t fit in (not described in the menu).

We enjoyed the restaurant environment established at Omah’s, and of course the House Crab Dishes. Although we’ve used our Entertainment™ Book voucher during this visit, we were given a ‘loyalty’ card where we’ll receive a free crab dish after purchasing five. This means that we’ll be returning for more crab – three more crabs to-go!

It was almost the end of our wonderful foodie weekend that mostly focused on Malaysian food. If you have missed what we ate in the morning, do check-out some of the foodie shots I’ve taken at the Malaysian Street Festival at Queen Victoria Market here [to-be-posted].

Omah’s – Malaysian Nyonya Cuisine
338-342 Burwood Road,
Hawthorn, 3122 Victoria,

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The was another Omah’s branch at Port Melbourne which is quite a distance away from home.

Omah’s – Malaysian Nyonya Cuisine
136 – 138 Rouse Street,
Port Melbourne, 3207 Victoria,

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