Wantilan Bali

Wantilan Bali caught my attention while browsing through the Entertainment™ Book. This restaurant offers Balinese cuisine and a 25% discount off the total bill (up to $30) via the Entertainment™ Book. This was actually my second pick for the day’s dinner after an unsuccessful call to Omah’s.

The interior was very Balinese, reminded us of our regular Balinese restaurant – Bumbu Bali, in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The place was very spacious and I’m sure they have another big space upstairs as we saw a big group headed that way.

We ordered the Wantilan Bebek Goreng ‘Crispy Duck’ ($28.5) – Chef’s Special marinated Crispy Skin Duck served with Urap Vegetable and Sambal. As described, the skin was really crispy and the duck meat was very tender. At one point we had doubt if the meat was duck! The portion was satisfying – three drumsticks for three of us, ribs and breast parts as well. There were two sauces provided. We loved the sauce that tasted like sambal, the other tasted ‘funky’; but it made our dinner by coupling these two sauces with the duck meat 😀

The following dish ordered was the Sosis Celeng Mepanggang ($10) – grilled spicy pork sausages served with shredded lettuce. The pork sausage was really good, one of the best I’ve tasted and the spiciness suited me – too much for Ms. L. though, but she really enjoyed it!

We wanted a vegetable dish and went ahead with the Wantilan Jukut Gado-Gado ($14.5) – assortment of vegetables, bean curd, Tempeh, prawn crackers and boiled egg in peanut sauce with sweet soy and dried shallot garnish. This was another memorable dish – the peanut sauce in particular. I enjoyed the Tempeh which I haven’t had for quite some time.

Since we didn’t want to have white (steamed) rice, we orderd the Wantilan Nasi Goreng ($19.5) – most popular Balinese fried rice with minced chicken, egg, garlic chives, chicken satay, fried chicken, dried shallot, prawn crackers and dried rolled omelette. This fried rice was not too bad but wasn’t the highlight as it was ordered as a ‘filler’ and was overshadowed by the dishes I mentioned above!

Dinner was really good that we decided to stay on for dessert. We had the Bubuh Injin ($7.5) – traditional Balinese black glutinous rice pudding served with coconut cream. The warm black glutinous rice pudding was quite good, came with a ‘just-right’ consistency. However, we felt that Wantilan Bali was ‘too’ stingy on the coconut cream – looked like a drop to me! This dessert also came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. We initially thought that the ice-cream won’t go with the pudding but after the first two trials, it did well! The strawberry (garnish?) on the pudding seemed to be out of place though (experienced the same at Omah’s)

All in, this was one of the best dinner we had in Melbourne so far and we’ll surely drop by in the near term!

Wantilan Bali
571 Burwood Road,
Hawthorn, 3122 Victoria,

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