Deepavali Dinner at Mehfil

It was Deepavali, the Indian Festival of Lights. We were at the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple late in the evening for prayers and blessings before making our way to Mehfil Indian Restaurant for dinner. This Indian restaurant offered a 25% discount off the total bill up to $20, through our Greater Melbourne Entertainment™ Book

After putting down our orders, the papadum came with a couple of condiments. They disappeared in seconds as we were ‘pretty’ hungry!

I ordered a Mango Lassi ($4) while Ms. L had a Sweet Lassi ($3.5). My lassi was very thick and was quite good but Ms. L.’s was just ok because it wasn’t chilled enough.

The first dish in the menu that caught our attention was the Goat Curry ($15.9, authentic goat curry with bones) … and truly, it was very good. The goat meat was very tender and the curry was delicious. We requested this curry to be slightly spicier and it came out perfect.

The next dish ordered was the Baingan Ka Bartha ($11.9, eggplant cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peas and spices). We actually had a different picture of how this dish would be but it was not too bad. It seemed like each Indian restaurant has their own style of making this particular eggplant dish.

We also ordered a Plain Pulao ($4, Basmati rice with cumin and spices) and …

… a Garlic Naan ($3.5, Naan brushed with freshly crushed garlic). The Naan worked really well with the goat curry!

Another dish that turned-up really well was the Mughlai Chops ($11.9, tender lamb chops marinated overnight with rum, spices and cooked in tandoor) – very tender, juicy and tasty. Lil’ M. was able to nibble on it like a chicken drumstick!

This warm and cozy restaurant isn’t that spacious and we were glad we made booking on this auspicious day.

Finally, we ordered a Kulfi ($4.9, frozen dairy dessert/Indian ice-cream) to share. The Kulfi was well-balanced, not too ‘dairy’ like the ones we had in another restaurant.

We had a great Deepavali dinner at Mehfil. Unfortunately it is a great distance from home but we’ll surely drop by if there’s a plan to visit the temple.

Mehfil Indian Restaurant
(B.Y.O. & Take Away
North Indian & Tandoori Cuisine)
291-293 Corigan Road
Keysborough, 3171 Victoria,


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