Around NZ in 16 Days – Day01 – Cafe Vue

This is the start of our foodie adventure ‘Around New Zealand in 16 Days‘. There will be more food than usual as there were five of us – myself, Ms. L., Lil’ M., my Sis and my Mom.

DAY 01 – Melbourne, Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand

We were on a budget flight from Melbourne to Christchurch where lunch was not included. Ms. L. stumbled upon this cafe during her planning stage of this trip – Café Vue at Melbourne International Airport, and thought that it would be a nice treat to the start of our journey to Aotearoa, ‘The Land of the Long White Clouds’. Café Vue at Melbourne International Airport was a recent addition to the Café Vue series owned by Shannon Bennett of Vue de monde.

We ordered two of the Café Vue Plane Boxes – Lunch Plane Box ($18). It took more than 25 minutes to receive these boxes.

This is what we found in the Lunch Plane Box:

  • Starter – Saffron Aioli and Potato Crisp (top right corner)
  • Salad – Pea Salad and Lemon Dressing (top left corner)
  • Savoury – Pork Roll (bottom left corner)
  • Sweet – Mandarin Pavlova (bottom right corner)

Apart from the long wait, this quick meal-in-a-box was pretty good. We enjoyed the potato crisp with saffron aioli dip the most. Check-out our first foodie experience at Christchurch, at the Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park, Hagley Park

Café Vue
Melbourne International Airport (Terminal Two),
Melbourne, Australia.

Café Vue at Melbourne Airport on Urbanspoon


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