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Grossi Florentino was the fourth Two (Chef’s) Hatted restaurant (, The Age Good Food Guide 2012,) explored to-date. Prior to this, we’ve been to Ezard, Lake House and The Press Club. My Sis who was in town this week (again), offered to buy us a ‘nice’ lunch and Grossi Florentino came to mind. I’ve been here before on a company lunch and was quite impressed with the Italian food presented. Booking was made for The Grill. We almost ended up at The Restaurant but weren’t ‘up-to’ the fine dining atmosphere at that time!

While waiting for all to arrive, we had complimentary olive oil, herb and spice flakes, bread and grisinni.

The (food) menu was huge and was artistically designed, and of course – (very) Italian in content. The wine list came shortly but we gave it a pass as I ‘needed’ to be back in office after lunch!

We ordered three items as starters from the ANTIPASTO section. The first was the Crocchette Di Maiale – Pork croquettes, salsa verde ($12). (I forgot to bring my usual camera and had all these nice photos taken with my Sis’s camera – thanks!). This dish was quite good. Ms. L. almost missed the salsa verde at the bottom!

Secondly, we had the Panzarotti – Fried pastry, Fontina and pancetta filling ($12).

This was followed by the Anatra Pressata – Slow cooked pressed duck, Shiraz jelly ($12). We loved the Shiraz jelly!

We ordered the Risotto Coniglio – Risotto with Rabbit Ragu ($25) for Lil’ M. and requested for entrée portion. We were quite surprised with the portion served – it was bigger than expected! This gave everyone a chance to try the dish. Most of us haven’t really tried rabbit meat – and it tasted like chicken. The Risotto was quite good.

I went for the Girarrosto Del Giorno – Today’s rotisserie, Pork ($38). Our wait staff told us that it will come with two slices of pork and I figured that I’ll have dessert if I can’t get enough from my main dish and surprise, surprise – my dish came with two big slices of meat! The meat was very juicy and tender while the herbs and spices attached worked very all together.

My Sis ordered a Spaghetti Al Pesto Trapanese – Garlic, tomato, almond, chilli pesto ($25). We were all VERY impressed with this dish. It was perfectly cooked, the right texture savored and the sauce that consisted almond was pretty unique and tasty. Ms. L. was relating the taste to our Indomie (an instant noodle) while I was thinking of Mamee (snack food)! Again, we all commented (no complaints) on the big portion served here!

Ms. L. went for the Costolette Di Agnello “Scotta Ditto” – “Castricum” Lamb chops ($36) from the LA GRIGLIA section. She received huge chunky meaty chops that were perfectly grilled. The lamb was tender and well flavored from the grill. Through a quick Google, I found that Castricum relates to the Castricum Brothers’ high quality lamb products.

By the time we were ready for dessert, The Grill was packed with lunch crowd. We ordered (a non-alcoholic) the Panforte – Traditional Siena chocolate, almond, figs ($5) for Lil’ M. to keep her occupy while we enjoy our dessert …

… we ordered ‘a’ Tiramisù – Mascarpone and pavesini trifle, coffee and liqueurs ($18) to share.

(Apart from the price,) We were all impressed with the food served at Grossi Florentino (especially the pasta :)). Although we kept commenting on the size of our orders, we actually did manged to clean-up our plates! We will surely return here in the near future for the dinning packages offered (too bad it was not offered in December!)

Grossi Florentino
80 Bourke Street,
Melbourne, 3000 Victoria,
61-3- 9662-1811


Recent Award: Two Chef’s Hat – The Age Good Food Guide 2012

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