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[october, 2014]

We’re Back!

We’re back in Malaysia now, well actually more than 2 years now! There were lots to share. In  short, adaptation to local environment (home), Lil’ M growing and becoming Big’ M,  addition of (another) Lil’ M to the family, and, my job change.

My new four-and-half-day job has allowed me to expand my aperture in BBQ-ing on my gas grill (Weber Q220) which was purchased back in Melbourne. Recently, I purchased a vertical gas smoker (Smoke Hollow 34″ gas smoker) to focus my energy in producing to-die for pork ribs! I’ve  included a new tab titled Backyard BBQ to rave about it (and also my Friday half-day work!)

As for Ms L., we ‘got’ her a bigger and well equipped kitchen for her to work on. Now that we have a more hands-on Big’ M, she was promoted as Ms. L’s Sous-chef (unofficially of course). Lil’ M is a little above a year old now and guess what was her first word – ‘eat’. Well, we surely know where this is heading!

[march, 2011]

A Melbourne (2010-2012) based Food Blog, created and maintained by me (Mr. J.) and Ms. L.; a couple who enjoys eating. Tagging along is Lil’ M. (a.k.a the food pointer) who is our unofficial (underage) food taster. This food blog serves as a platform to document our gastronomic journey.Foodie-Blogger-Review-Recipe

Food Reviews

Eating out is part of our life. Every weekend we’ll be trying out new places or returning back to the places we like. We enjoy giving comments on what we eat and hope our reviews and critics of these places will interest you or prepare you; if you are planning to follow our foot steps or have the opportunity to try similar food.

I enjoy taking photos when the food arrive. Most of the time, it irritates Ms. L. and non-photographers – because ‘we’ take lots of shots before they can eat! Its worth it as most will quote –  “Photo or it didn’t happen”, and you will see it (final versions) here !  On some posts, you will notice that the quality of the photos were relatively lower. These are the luncheons associated with my work colleagues and bosses – where I had to rely on my low-tech camera phone, and discretely capture the foodie.

Recipe Reviews

“We can’t always eat-out (many reasons…), I have to cook to eat-in!” – Ms. L.

Ms. L. ‘enjoys’ cooking and more recently baking with her ‘new’ KitchenAid. She is the owner of various famous cook books and will be trying out and reviewing some of the recipes here. As usual, I’ll be snapping away …

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